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Wza Company Ltd. is a Private oil service provider, covering Upstream, Midstream and Downstream in the oil industry. Wza Company represents the Oil and Gas Sector with Nokan group, which is among the largest industrial and invested companies in Kurdistan region and Iraq. Wza Company is run and managed by Parwen Babaker Hama Agha, supported by a team of senior petroleum consultants.

Company Strategy

Our strategy is to leverage our abundant natural resources and expertise to drive sustainable growth and innovation in the Middle East. By prioritizing transparency, environmental stewardship, and economic development, we aim to build a robust infrastructure that supports job creation and fosters a thriving business environment. Our commitment to high standards and continuous improvement ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients and stakeholders, positioning us as a leader in the industry and an agent of positive transformation.

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Parwen Babaker

CEO of Wza Company

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Dear Esteemed Investors and Business Owners,
Welcome to Kurdistan and Wza Company.
Today is the perfect moment to start making a difference for tomorrow. We are ready to push forward with passion and skill, leveraging our natural resources to stand out in the Middle East. We invite investors worldwide to join us in promoting transparency and combating corruption.
Our resources—petroleum, oil, gas, and water—should serve humanity, and we aim to use them responsibly while ensuring mutual benefit. Our focus is on initiatives that improve human welfare and our nation's prosperity, emphasizing youth employment and economic growth.
Environmental preservation is paramount to us. Every project considers its environmental impact, prioritizing nature as much as industrial success. Our core principles include effective communication, business success, job creation, and sustainable development.
Why choose Wza? For over two decades, we have prioritized quality and upheld the highest international standards, ensuring results that exceed expectations. Despite many petroleum companies in the region, Wza stands out with a track record of excellence and a growing list of valued clients.
Registered with the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and the Ministry of Natural Resources, our experienced team has a deep understanding of the Middle Eastern business landscape.
Join us in this journey of growth and prosperity.

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Wza Company executes all its projects across various sectors, including oil, gas, geology, industry, engineering, consultancy, and natural resources, through a team of experienced professionals. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality to our customers and establish strong, integrity-based relationships.


To enhance our staff's professional capabilities and elevate the quality of our work, we are committed to providing continuous training and development opportunities.

Environment and safety

One of our primary commitments is to safeguard the environment and ensure sustainable practices, recognizing the significant impact the petrochemical industry can have on ecosystems. Environmental responsibility is our duty. Additionally, we hold the protection of ancient archaeological sites as an ethical obligation.


We prioritize utilizing the latest technology to enhance our ability to discover new opportunities and drive progress within our company and projects.


Wza relies on a board of consultants comprising experienced and accredited members in the KRG, specializing in governmental, legal, energy, engineering, commercial, agricultural, and industrial sectors.


  1. Engaged in comprehensive oil and gas services, spanning from exploration to production phases, we actively participate at every stage.
  2. In strategic collaboration with esteemed partners, we embark on a proactive journey toward meaningful contributions to the petrochemical industries.
  3. Partnering with relevant sectors like fertilizer production enhances our strategy, fostering growth and innovation through resource synergy and shared expertise.
  4. Providing low-cost, short-term, and effective directional and vertical drilling, along with a wide spectrum of related services, while considering both international demands and local inputs.
  5. Contribution to establish electric power stations and supplying needed fuel for them.
  6. Effective participation in the development of human resources through increasing their professional and technical skills. In addition to, increase more job opportunities to the Kurdish youth.

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Wza Company 

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